11th April 2008

Datepit.com DateHop.com Cell Phone Text Scam

Datepit.com Cell Phone Text Scam

Recently, wireless bandwidth has been flooded with text messages trying to scam unsuspecting people.  Most people who have been hit are on the Telus Mobile network, however, more networks are being targeted.  In fact, even people on a Pay-As-You-Go (phone card minutes) are being targeted as well. 

The Text:  “Hey, I got your number from a friend of mine, but I bet you can’t guess who I am! My name hope0707, if you wanna come see if you regonize me online, at hope0707.love-jump.net, Well hope to see you soon!”

or Hey, I got your number from a friend of mine, but I bet you can’t guess who I am! My name psychocutie_p808 if you wanna come see if you regonize me online, at psychocutie_p808.datepit.net , Well hope to see you soon!

Other variations include:


[email protected]



lonewolf624.datehop.org 780-221-1911.





All of these sites will redirect you to friendjungle.com, a new social networking site.  These text messages are SPAM and nothing more.  Telus and most other cell phone service providers have technology in place to prevent SPAM texts to their customers; however, in this case this one slipped through.  DO NOT RESPOND to this text, and DO NOT visit FriendJungle.com.

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9th April 2008

Whats in A Name? Success or Failure in Online Dating!

Your browsing through the seemingly endless profiles on your favorite dating site,  when suddenly a name jumps out at you causing you to check out the picture and dive into their profile!  Whats in a name? you ask, a lot!  It can mean the difference between success and failure in the online dating world.

Writing a good profile is one thing, but a catchy name can say a lot about you; turn people on, or make them avoid you like the plague.  Recent studies have shown (or rather confirmed) that funny, clever and flirty online names were rated best by both men and women.  Names that described your ‘fun side’ gave the average browser a glimpse into your personality, showed you have a sense of humor, and were a nice person. 

Also working well where names that described your appearance a little.  “Blueyedcutie” works well among people because it shows as fun, flirty side of you while describing your appearance too.

What doesn’t work:

Men do not like names that describe money, how articulated you may be, show high intelligence.  Names like “professionalBookWorm”  do not rate highly.

Women do not like names that describe ones wealth and power.  It makes you look shallow and full of ego.  However, some women do prefer names that hint at education, and refinement.

No one likes a boring name.  Sorry “John1975″, but you will have to try harder than that!

 A good profile picture can add to your stand-out name.  Together, you can dominate the online dating world!

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8th April 2008

Bill to Require OnLine Dating Background Checks

Back in January I was advising online daters to use the benefits of a background check.  Now it appears my instincts were spot-on as a Florida legislator now wants to make background checks mandatory for online dating sites.

 Rep. Kevin Ambler is asking Florida lawmakers to pass bill (HB 411) that will require online dating  sites to complete a criminal background check on new members when dealing with paying Florida customers.  The Bill also wants dating sites to clearly state if they do NOT perform such checks. 

Personally, I would like to see this Bill implemented to all dating sites regardless of where a member joins.  If the bill fails, and I suspect it will, dating websites should at least be made to inform potential clients of such a service.  Reports suggest that the average cost of someone lured by criminals online is approximately $3000.00 .  Suddenly spending 20 bucks on a background check doesn’t seem like a waste of money.

I wish you success Mr. Ambler!  And hope that bringing light to the subject will invoke future changes.

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7th April 2008

Date Bait! Stay Away and Don’t Bite!

Online dating is a multi-million dollar a year industry, no doubt, some companies will use “Date-Bait”  to get you hooked!    I plan is simple and it works like a charm…but in the end, the Online Dating Site is the only one smiling.Since 2002, claims have been made against many online dating sites, both big and small, that profiles and “interested singles” are used by the online dating company to lure you to purchasing a premium membership.  Recently Match.com and Yahoo Personals have been taken to court for use of this tactic.  Both companies deny the use of Date Bait, but it is a serious concern if you are using a smaller, niche dating-site.

How it works:  You are single and sign up for a free membership to an online personals site.  Maybe you are there desperately trying to find the love of your life, or just curious and wanted to browse a few profiles.  Over the next few days you will recieve “winks” or e-mails from attractive singles who are interested in you!  GREAT!  But now, to communicate, or read the full profile you must pay for a premium membership (nothing new here, its how all dating sites make money).  The problem is, is that some or all of those “interested singles” are Date Bait – fake profiles designed to get you excited enough to purchase a membership.  Once you have purchased a membership, suddenly the e-mails stop and you are left searching around the site trying to find new love.

How to stop it:  The oldest saying still holds true “If its too good to be true, it probably is”.   Males are especially lured in by young attractive women.  Problem is, when in real life does that ever happen.  Face it, if your 45, over-weight, still living with your parents with no job, beautiful women will not be “winking” at you.   Same goes for ladies; rich handsome doctors laywers most likely will not be flirting with unattractive, jobless, women.  Let common sense prevail.

Judge a book by its cover.  Yes, it seems shallow, but it can save you a lot of hassel.  Far too many times I have seen profile pictures that look to good to be true.  Generally you can tell these right away as they are obviouisly professional models captured on film by professional photographers.  Don’t be confused with the fine work of LookBetterOnline .  They are a legitimate company who will improve your online image.  But their picture makes YOU look good; and doesn’t replace you with a model.

Look for the same profile picture in other cities.  Fool proof method!  If your online dating site is using Date Bait, they will be using it in all cities trying to lure as many people as they can.  Watch for profile pictures that are repeated.  Sometimes it won’t be in a directly neighboring city (they might get caught if you expand your search to with in X km/miles of where you live).  Some sites have even sunk so low as to steal attractive members photos to place in other cities as Date Bait to avoid being caught.  

Look for similar profile descriptions.  If pictures can be stolen and used in other cities, chances are the online dating company will still use its “tested and verified” profile description lure.  These profile descriptions are expertly written to maximize conversions from free to paid memberships.  Once they have one that works; they keep using it. 

Sudden interest close to expirey:  This one is easy to catch as you can be prepared for it based on the date your “trial membership” or premium paid membership is set to expire.  Its common knowledge that many sites will “bubble up” an expiring member to the front of the results page.  This will mean more hits on your profile, increasing the chance of a natural flirt or e-mail.  But also be aware of the Date Bait that suddenly wants to chat on the day your membership expires.

Using these tips, you should easily be able to spot the Date Bait on any Online Dating Service.  This will save you heartache and lured memberships.  All bait has a hook wating, Don’t get Caught! 

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