8th December 2009

STDs and Dating

We all know that there are dangers in dating and that we should play it safe but STDs continue to rise and it seems its not going to stop anytime soon.

The biggest problem with this is there is often no way to tell if the person is infected. If you look at the symptoms of herpes you’ll notice that they can be very prominent to non existent making it one of the easiest to catch and most common STDs.

So the real message I’m trying to relay is have fun but stay safe. You never know who has what and with one in four people living with an STD your chances are pretty good that you will run into one sooner or later.

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21st November 2008

How to Flirt, how to tell if they are flirting

Flirting is the best part of a relationship, and overwhelmingly exciting just before a new relationship. Here are some simple rules I found to keep in mind when you’re flirting with some one, and how to know if they are flirting with you:

Eye Contact

-If the pupils are dilated and eye contact is maintained things are going well!!
-Eye contact combined with an arched eye brow is a sign they are flirting
-Winking! this is always playful!
-Rapid eye movement and blinking = they can’t get enough of you
-Eye contact that is held longer than usual… Men usually look away after about 1 sec.

Lips and Hair signals:

-Playing with hair (stroking or toying motion)
-Eye contact while they are playing with thier hair= pretending its you touching them
-If they touch your hair at any time
-Lots of smiling, open mouthed and teeth flashing
-Lip licking
-Puckering lips or blowin you a simulated kiss form
-Any form of touch of the lips or teeth with tongue

Body Language

-The displaying or thrusting of chest or breasts outwards while making eye contact (Warning! Guys, don’t look down at what is presented..its a test)
-Holding eye contact while doing something else = they are imagining your doing it with them
-Leaning into a conversation…facing towards you and into you means they are fully concentrated on you
-Open legged posture facing you (guys are relaxed with you, and subcanciously drawing a girls eye to the genitals)

Spoken Hints:

-Their manerism (tone and speed of conversation) suddenly mimics your own
-laughing at every little joke (no matter how bad)
-Questioning tone of your voice (“why did you say it like that?”) means they want further information
-Attention is given to you, despite who is around you

Have Fun! That’s what flirting is all about!

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