2nd September 2010


I was texting my boyfriend one night, and i said i was going to bed. He said hope you sleep well. He didnt say ‘goodnight and love you’ like he always says every night since we have been dating. What does this mean? Does he want to break up?

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13th April 2010

Is Philanderers.com another scam?

I was just wondering what people’s thoughts were on this site: Philanderers.com – is it another rip off like I have heard about Ashley Madison? This site is supposed to help people have affairs on the side, but I find it hard to believe a new company like this would have so many hot girls ready to break up a marriage….

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8th December 2009

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28th November 2008

Too much time on banankin.info ?

Hey, just wondering if there is such a thing as spending too much time surfing adult websites? I surf banankin.info about 2 times per week and my gf says its way too much! Is she right?

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25th November 2008

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