21st November 2008

First Date Etiquette

I have had many first dates with many guys, here are my list of first date etiquette:

1. Be puntual. don’t be late to pick up or meet your date.
2. grab some sugar or caffine before the date to ensure you are wide awake and are full of energy! Nobody like someone about to fall asleep!
3. Be entertaining! Crack jokes, keep a conversation going. Avoid the dreaded Dead Air Space!!
4. Engage your partners conversation, feed off of it and add to it. Laugh at thier jokes, and ask questions that go beyond Yes or No answers
5.Be Yourself! nothing worse than a date who acts one way with thier friends and another way when are with you.
6. Be confident! They are interested in YOU, obviously they like what they see…sell it!
7. Try and be unique on your date. A movie is not a good place to talk and get to know someone. Plus, it angers the people aroud you. Choose a first date that shows your personality a bit.
8. Contribute to 50% of the conversation. Not much more.. no one likes a blabber-mouth that doesn’t shut up…. or someone who can’t speak at all
9. Be safe! especially if your meeting an online match for the first time.

1. Be late. This shows you don’t really care about the date and have other things that are more important
2. be the only talker! You are on this date to learn about them, not promte yourself
3. Ask personal questions right off the start… wait till you are both comfortable after a few dates
4. talk about past relationships all night. no one cares. and previous relationships are seen as a threat.
5. have poor manners at the dinner table or elsewhere.
6. talk on your cell phone….voice mail was invented for a reason people!!!
7. Don’t get drunk… unless its done together. Nothing more akward than a drunk date that you have to take care of.
8. try to be someone different than yourself. If you lie, you will be found out and its all over!

Keep these in mind on your next date, and I can assure you, you will have a second!



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