28th December 2007

Disabled Dating Sites

 Many Disabled people are turning to the internet to find others who share thier lifestyle and understand the challenges a disability can bring.  Though not as plentiful as general dating sites, disabled dating sites fill a very important market.  Below are some of the reputable disabled dating sites.

Deaf Singles Connection datinghelp101star.gif datinghelp101star.gif datinghelp101star.gif 

Deaf Singles Connection is one of the few sites on the internet that connect deaf and hearing impaired singles.  This site builds a sense of community as everyone using the site faces the same challenges in daily life and are empathetic.  What you don’t want is a site full of people only sympathetic to a disablitiy.   This site is simplistic and easy to use; however, some may regard the simplicity to be the sites only flaw.   A great  benefit of this site is listing your native language to be ASL or BSL – really helps when searching! exact numbers of members are not known, but Thousands have joined.  Find someone in your area today!  Visit Deaf Singles Connection or Read the Review

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