24th November 2008

Tips for those guys who are new to relationships

Written for GUYS from a Girl…So listen Up! lol

If you really like a girl flirt with her! Trust me on this one, don’t lead her on for too long. Remember it’s not a game if you don’t ask her out relatively soon after you flirt. Otherwise, if you tease for too long,
she’ll second guess your sweet gesture.

2. Hygiene!!!
Grease is gross! Wash your hair at least every 2 days. Always carry a pack of gum (or an emergency piece in the change compartment of your wallet), if you run into her she shouldn’t have to make up an excuse for your horrible breath.

3. Be brave!!!
Girls aren’t into a shy guy that appears to need protection, we want you to make the first move.

4. When you’re asking us out:
Don’t ask us out through a friend!! That is so lame. So is facebook, msn, nexopia, etc. FACE TO FACE boys!! That way she’ll know it’s not some gay joke. If you joking…DON’T! No one deserves that, you definitely would want that done to you. People will find out and no one wants to date a bully.

5. Smell Good

6. Look her in the eyes

7. Be yourself, if you don’t act like yourself you could find yourself in an awkward position.

8. Compliment

9. Don’t agree with everything she says.

10. If you ask her out don’t avoid her. My friends last boyfriend did that and she broke up with him after 3 days!!

11. Don’t constantly talk about yourself.

12. Don’t play hard to get, thats for the girls to do

13. Give her some space. Don’t be clingy!

14. Talk to her with sympathy, humor, truth all that …

15. Don’t Lie! you will be found out eventually.

16. SMILE! Have fun, and all will go well.

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21st November 2008

First Date Etiquette

I have had many first dates with many guys, here are my list of first date etiquette:

1. Be puntual. don’t be late to pick up or meet your date.
2. grab some sugar or caffine before the date to ensure you are wide awake and are full of energy! Nobody like someone about to fall asleep!
3. Be entertaining! Crack jokes, keep a conversation going. Avoid the dreaded Dead Air Space!!
4. Engage your partners conversation, feed off of it and add to it. Laugh at thier jokes, and ask questions that go beyond Yes or No answers
5.Be Yourself! nothing worse than a date who acts one way with thier friends and another way when are with you.
6. Be confident! They are interested in YOU, obviously they like what they see…sell it!
7. Try and be unique on your date. A movie is not a good place to talk and get to know someone. Plus, it angers the people aroud you. Choose a first date that shows your personality a bit.
8. Contribute to 50% of the conversation. Not much more.. no one likes a blabber-mouth that doesn’t shut up…. or someone who can’t speak at all
9. Be safe! especially if your meeting an online match for the first time.

1. Be late. This shows you don’t really care about the date and have other things that are more important
2. be the only talker! You are on this date to learn about them, not promte yourself
3. Ask personal questions right off the start… wait till you are both comfortable after a few dates
4. talk about past relationships all night. no one cares. and previous relationships are seen as a threat.
5. have poor manners at the dinner table or elsewhere.
6. talk on your cell phone….voice mail was invented for a reason people!!!
7. Don’t get drunk… unless its done together. Nothing more akward than a drunk date that you have to take care of.
8. try to be someone different than yourself. If you lie, you will be found out and its all over!

Keep these in mind on your next date, and I can assure you, you will have a second!



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21st February 2008

Double-Book Yourself for a Successful First Date!


Double-book Yourself for a Successful First Date!


At this point you are thinking to yourself that I must be crazy! First dates are so nerve racking to begin with, why on earth would you want to Double-Book yourself, isn’t that your worst nightmare? It is, when its not planned, and suddenly your friend calls you in the middle of your date wondering why you haven’t shown up yet. But, if you double-book yourself on purpose, your “first date” will be stress free and safe!

Now that I have your attention, let me explain this to you a little more. You have just met some amazing person (online, or at the mall, or where ever). Fact is, you probably don’t know them all too well at this point. Well yes, that is the point of a first date- to get to know them. You don’t know this person’s background, true personality or anything else but what you quickly talked about upon first meeting. Unfortunately we live in a time where charming strangers can be closet killers, or interesting people online can be boring losers in reallife. This is where Double-booking yourself comes into play!


Set up your date as you would normally, go out for dinner or head to an amusment park (what ever you like to do) but also make plans with your friends to ‘tentatively’ head out for drinks or meet up that night. In doing so, you have done yourself two great services 1. reduce the stress of the first date and 2. added a safety check incase thing go wrong.


  1. Beleive it or not, but double-booking yourself can actually ease the stress of a first date for BOTH people involved. Upon setting up the date, tell him/her that you kinda have plans to meet up with friends for drinks later that night. This takes off the stress of being stuck in a bad date all night if you two don’t seem to click. So, if your date turns out to be a total loser, you can simply end the date by saying you have to meet your friends in a bit. Bid goodbye and file that date under “experiences”. The same principal works for your date too. If he/she isn’t feeling the vibe, they can let you head off with your friends later on. There is no pressure to “seal the deal” and take the date late into the evening.


  2. “Safety first” is always a good motto – even when attempting innocent romance. There are far too many creepy people in this world, and you might be about to head out on a date with one of them! By setting up tentative plans with friends, you have made them aware that your heading out on a date that night. They know when, where, and with who. If things do go horribly wrong on your date, at least you have people who will be calling you and looking for you later that night. Now don’t get me wrong, not all people are out to kidnap you; this also applies to those random accidents on dates (car accident, run out of gas some place on the highway..the list continues). If for some reason you don’t call or show up, you at least have people who will be looking for you and can help you out if needed.


“Ah but wait” you say! “What if the date goes well”. Perfect! Congrats! You can call up your friends and cancel drinks that night. These were tentative plans anyway, and I’m sure your friends will smile and understand. Or, bring your new hot date out for drinks and introduce him/her to your friends! If you plan to date, you will have to introduce them at some point anyway.

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