21st November 2008

How to Flirt, how to tell if they are flirting

Flirting is the best part of a relationship, and overwhelmingly exciting just before a new relationship. Here are some simple rules I found to keep in mind when you’re flirting with some one, and how to know if they are flirting with you:

Eye Contact

-If the pupils are dilated and eye contact is maintained things are going well!!
-Eye contact combined with an arched eye brow is a sign they are flirting
-Winking! this is always playful!
-Rapid eye movement and blinking = they can’t get enough of you
-Eye contact that is held longer than usual… Men usually look away after about 1 sec.

Lips and Hair signals:

-Playing with hair (stroking or toying motion)
-Eye contact while they are playing with thier hair= pretending its you touching them
-If they touch your hair at any time
-Lots of smiling, open mouthed and teeth flashing
-Lip licking
-Puckering lips or blowin you a simulated kiss form
-Any form of touch of the lips or teeth with tongue

Body Language

-The displaying or thrusting of chest or breasts outwards while making eye contact (Warning! Guys, don’t look down at what is presented..its a test)
-Holding eye contact while doing something else = they are imagining your doing it with them
-Leaning into a conversation…facing towards you and into you means they are fully concentrated on you
-Open legged posture facing you (guys are relaxed with you, and subcanciously drawing a girls eye to the genitals)

Spoken Hints:

-Their manerism (tone and speed of conversation) suddenly mimics your own
-laughing at every little joke (no matter how bad)
-Questioning tone of your voice (“why did you say it like that?”) means they want further information
-Attention is given to you, despite who is around you

Have Fun! That’s what flirting is all about!

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