27th November 2008

Internet Dating Scams from Africa

OMG-A beautiful woman on Match.com sent me a message saying they found me “so” interesting. Said they were getting off Match and gave me their personal email. I am a lesbian and was looking for other women and this woman was gorgeous! She even left me a link to her webpage to “learn more about her” because she owned an Antiques store in Bellville, GA. When I visited the webpage there were believable photos of an old antique store in what looked to be Geogia. There were pages upon pages of the merchandise as well as more photos of her. She claimed to be in Africa buying antiques for the store but would be back in state in 4 days. We emailed a few times and she told me she lost her lover to cancer and “Michelle” died and left her heartbroken and she has love noone since then…until of course she saw and spoke to me. She had horrible grammar and her mail was hard to follow at times but then at times, I’d get these beautifully crafted statements which were obviously copied. In the end, she claimed to be still in Africa and Customs was giving her a hard time to ship her items back and threatened to seize if she did not get rest of money. She claims to have had a son who was back in Georgia with her ill sister and she need about $2000 to get the merchandise home so that she could see her son and me before Thanksgiving. After researching her and the address of the store on her webpage, they did not exist and I realized this was a fraud. It almost got me because, the web page with the store and stuff seemed quite believable and she was very care about how she asked for the money of course professed a deep deep love for me after a few days. Anyway, I say this to say they are getting better and better in their scams! BE CAREFUL!

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