24th November 2008

Tips for those guys who are new to relationships

Written for GUYS from a Girl…So listen Up! lol

If you really like a girl flirt with her! Trust me on this one, don’t lead her on for too long. Remember it’s not a game if you don’t ask her out relatively soon after you flirt. Otherwise, if you tease for too long,
she’ll second guess your sweet gesture.

2. Hygiene!!!
Grease is gross! Wash your hair at least every 2 days. Always carry a pack of gum (or an emergency piece in the change compartment of your wallet), if you run into her she shouldn’t have to make up an excuse for your horrible breath.

3. Be brave!!!
Girls aren’t into a shy guy that appears to need protection, we want you to make the first move.

4. When you’re asking us out:
Don’t ask us out through a friend!! That is so lame. So is facebook, msn, nexopia, etc. FACE TO FACE boys!! That way she’ll know it’s not some gay joke. If you joking…DON’T! No one deserves that, you definitely would want that done to you. People will find out and no one wants to date a bully.

5. Smell Good

6. Look her in the eyes

7. Be yourself, if you don’t act like yourself you could find yourself in an awkward position.

8. Compliment

9. Don’t agree with everything she says.

10. If you ask her out don’t avoid her. My friends last boyfriend did that and she broke up with him after 3 days!!

11. Don’t constantly talk about yourself.

12. Don’t play hard to get, thats for the girls to do

13. Give her some space. Don’t be clingy!

14. Talk to her with sympathy, humor, truth all that …

15. Don’t Lie! you will be found out eventually.

16. SMILE! Have fun, and all will go well.

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