21st November 2008

Mixed Signals/Playing Hard to get is a total turnoff

As is often mentioned much of dating or attempts at dating turns into one side or the other attempting to figure out their intentions.

Guys who know what they want are not desperate, not going settle for much less then sought out for, especially if they’ve been successful with certain girls in the past; therefore if you play hard to get like has been done to me all to often usually we will just move on.

I am not referring to the girl “putting out”, just dating in general. Anotherwards you like a guy a lot, but want to make him chase you a bit. He might be willing to briefly; however after a while he will become suspicious of things such as…

1)Are you actually single
2)Are you interested
3)Is he just a 2nd or 3rd choice so you only act interested when you feel insecure about #1 working out.
4)What are your overall intentions

Remember guys have feelings too. The macho act some of these so-called badboys is just that “an act”. Those guys often turnout to be the most insecure. Its a main reason most relationships do not last. As mentioned here several times, many guys who do have that intial line of bs that draws females in t/o to be nothing like they sold themselves as…meanwhile the guys that comeoff too nice, gooney, creepy, etc…often turnout to be the best lovers, most secure in the longterm.

This post was submitted by Jared.

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