21st November 2008

Please don’t mislead guys

Ok, I just want to say, please don’t mislead us. If you don’t like us “that way” just let us know. I personally have had many bad experiences like this. Because girls would be overly afectionate towords me (kiss me on the cheek, sit on my lap and the like) but apon asking them out they tell me they don’t like me “like that” and would compleatly stop talking to me. I let two women that liked me, and were great matches for me go, because I wasn’t sure if they liked me or not and I didn’t wana destroy the good friendships i had with them if they did not..

So if you are one of those “touchy feely” types, please just let us know before hand. We are bad a reading signals in the firstplace don’t make it more confuseing for us please, and thank you for reading.

This post was submitted by david.

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