Passion, is a fresh and edgy dating website dedicated to “Sexy Personals for Passionate Singles”. With over 20 million active members from all over the world, you are sure to find someone to ignite your passions at this site!   Passions is basically the R rated version of FriendFinder but not to the extreme of Adult FriendFinder and is intended for the 18+ crowd.   Everything you need to search sexy singles is available on this site.  Narrow down your searches to gender, location, interests and more.  The site is fun, fresh and full of people looking to meet and begin an intimate relationship.  Use the Blogs and discussion groups to chat about any interest you may have. 
It only takes a few minutes to fill out the basic profile form and then you can join for FREE.  Once your in, you can enjoy most of the amazing features of this site.  Check back continuosly, as new features are added and promotions are given!
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 The Good

  • This site is HUGE!  over 20 Million members!    
  • Connected to the FriendFinder group of sites.  This site is very reputable with millions of users.  24/7 customer support should you have any questions! 
  • Easy to use! Simple searches, blogs, interest groups and more will allow you to communicate with many people. 
  • Free membership allows for Instant messaging and Chat rooms
  • Videos!
  • An amazing FriendFinder eMagazine full of articles, quizzes, polls and more.
  • Many promotions that save you money

 The Bad

  • Ratio of men to women is not 1:1.  There are more men than women.  Great news for the ladies, not so much for the guys.  
  • To truely enjoy this site to its fullest, you will need to purchase a membership.  Free Trials allow for only limited communication.
  • As with any site, there are a few fake profiles.  Customer support is there for you if you report one.

The Facts

Members (#): Over 20 Million
Approximate cost/Month: $8.33
Free Membership: Yes (but limited communication)
Free Searching: Yes
Free Mail: Yes
Live Chat:  Yes
Message Board: Yes
Member Blogs: Yes
Video: Yes

Visit Passion.comNow! 

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