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Ashley Madison a Scam?

Dating Help has recieved numerous complaints about the Ashley Madison Agency, claiming the site is nothing more than an elaborate scam to take your money and leave you scratching your head.
Like the article written about the allegded scam, it appears that the Ashley Madison Agency is also using Date Bait to lure in paying clients.  The stories are usually all the same:
1.  You sign up for a ”free” account on Ashley Madison Agency
2. Your profile, no matter how incomplete, recieves e-mails from interested girls in your area.
3. Problem is, these messages are collect messages.   Like making a collect call on the phone, a collect message is sent to you free by the writter, but to view these messages, you the reader must pay.
4. You pay to read the message, or upgrade to a full membership to read all messages.  You reply to the message from the interested woman, and Never hear back.
5. You have paid good money to reply to what seems like an automated date bait message……  Read More

How to Write an Excellent Profile

Are you trying to write a catchy profile but also one that stays true to yourself? Would you like more smiles, winks and replies to your ad? Here are some great tips on how to create a great profile that will attract attention and keep the emails rolling in…  Read more of the article at



Creative Date Ideas

Nobody likes a boring date.  The trick is to add a little romance or spontaneity into a date, without breaking the bank!  Try following some of these ideas; you might just surprise yourself – and your partner! ….Read more of the article at


Online Dating Safety: Do’s and Don’ts

Wether you’re new to the online dating scene, or regulary use the internet for other reasons, it is always a good idea to know what mistakes to avoid.  It could save you A LOT of hassle and money!  Read More


Background Checks: What are they & do I need one

Ok, you have found the person of your dreams online (or anywhere).  You’ve met, and your ready to start a relationship.  But how much do you know about the person your bringing into your life?  Do they have a shady past?  A simple background check can save you heartache and from being scammed… Read More


THE FIRST DATE: Meeting someone for the 1st time

AHHHH.  Its really happening!  Your about to meet your online match for the first time in person. 


Dating and Dollars

Dating and Dollars by Stacy Kravetz
So, your out on a date and things are going well…..until the DINNER BILL!  Now it was time to pay. You had asked him out, so you decide to just pay for the dinner. Sounds fair…but wait, he is taking out his wallet.  Worse yet, your date tosses only two dollars, to pay for his share — he’d only eaten one piece of pizza because he wasn’t very hungry.
Your mortified! You offered to pay, so why couldn’t he just let me do it? Or if he wanted to split the check, why couldn’t he split it evenly? The ugly green monster — money — had ruined a perfectly pleasant date. …Read the article  at

Whats In Name? Success or Failure in Online Dating!

Your browsing through the seemingly endless profiles on your favorite dating site,  when suddenly a name jumps out at you causing you to check out the picture and dive into their profile!  Whats in a name? you ask, a lot!  It can mean the difference between success and failure in the online dating world. Cell Phone Text Scam

Recently, wireless bandwidth has been flooded with text messages trying to scam unsuspecting people.  Most people who have been hit are on the Telus Mobile network, however, more networks are being targeted.  In fact, even people on a Pay-As-You-Go (phone card minutes) are being targeted as well. 


Before and After Marriage - Funny Stuff!


The Economy Sucks, Marry Rich!

WOW!  Talk about a nose-dive in the economy; everything is down!  Most people see their investments crashing through the floor and think they will never be rich.  But guess what! There is a way to be rich in these troubled times and fall in LOVE at the same time.  Specialized dating services have been developed over the last few years to help successful, wealthy singles find love….they are looking for YOU!
 a Scam?

The allure of online sex personals makes this industry highly lucrative; however, some sites do not play by the rules and are set up to profit on the primitive instincts of members while offering little in return.

Recently, people have been complaining to  that the website is a scam site that offers nothing but spam to paying members.

 Many “male” members complain that the website will flood their inbox with Date Bait; often times using the exact same lines, structure and Typo’s!!  The repeating story is that once you have signed up, local girls in your area contact/flirt with you.  You send a reply to the woman and NEVER hear back. decided to try this site out to test the complaints of visitors… and we discovered the same thing.  The same “local women” showed interest in the profile within the first few days and once we replied to them they never talked to us again.  Read More…