Bill to Require Online Dating Background Checks

Back in January I was advising online daters to use the benefits of a background check.  Now it appears my instincts were spot-on as a Florida legislator now wants to make background checks mandatory for online dating sites.

 Rep. Kevin Ambler is asking Florida lawmakers to pass bill (HB 411) that will require online dating  sites to complete a criminal background check on new members when dealing with paying Florida customers.  The Bill also wants dating sites to clearly state if they do NOT perform such checks. 

Personally, I would like to see this Bill implemented to all dating sites regardless of where a member joins.  If the bill fails, and I suspect it will, dating websites should at least be made to inform potential clients of such a service.  Reports suggest that the average cost of someone lured by criminals online is approximately $3000.00 .  Suddenly spending 20 bucks on a background check doesn’t seem like a waste of money.

I wish you success Mr. Ambler!  And hope that bringing light to the subject will invoke future changes.

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