First Date

THE FIRST DATE: Before you meet your online love for the 1st time

AHHHH.  Its really happening!  Your about to meet your online match for the first time in person.  But first, here are some things you will need to know to play it cool on the first big date.
Ask yourself this, do you feel comfortable meeting this person?  It may surprise you as to how many people feel pressured into meeting.  Sometimes its from the person online, other times you pressure yourself to “make it work”.  It is best to wait until YOU are ready to meet in person, at that point ask THEM to meet you.  Unfortunately, there are many people out there who try to take advantage of good people just like you.  If you have been pressured into meeting, tell them your not quite ready yet.  If the understand and give you room, they are worth it!  If not, its best to be safe than sorry.
Plan the date out and make it fun!  Agree to meet in a public place (pub, movies etc) where you are around other people.  This is your first date with this person remember, you don’t really know them that well.  Avoid drives out to the country, picnics on a mountain top.  These are great date ideas, but NOT for the first date.  If you need to get out of that date, a secluded location is not good!
Make other plans.  WHAT??  Ya, make some simple plan for later on that evening with friends.  This may sound weird at first, but it serves TWO very important purposes.  First, tell your friends about your date and to think about plans that night.  Your friends now know what you’re doing, where you’re going, with who, and when you should be back.  If for some reason you don’t show up, there are people out there looking for you!  Its very important to be safe.  Secondly having loose plans for later on helps to ease the stress of a date.  How?  let your date know that you might be meeting up with friends later on for drinks… if the date goes really well, call your friends and cancel your plans.  Your friends will smile and understand – or bring your date out to meet your friends!  But if the date doesn’t go so well and you don’t want a relationship with this person, you now have an out!  Trust me, this works and removes any stress for both people on the date.
Be on time and be yourself!  That’s it!  Your date will either like you for who YOU are or not.  Either way, you benefit.  Nothing kills a relationship faster than having to “act” around your partner. 
Remember to have fun and enjoy your time with someone who may be your soul-mate!


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