a Scam?

The allure of online sex personals makes this industry highly lucrative; however, some sites do not play by the rules and are set up to profit on the primitive instincts of members while offering little in return.

Recently, people have been complaining to  that the website is a scam site that offers nothing but spam to paying members.

 Many “male” members complain that the website will flood their inbox with Date Bait; often times using the exact same lines, structure and Typo’s!!  The repeating story is that once you have signed up, local girls in your area contact/flirt with you.  You send a reply to the woman and NEVER hear back. decided to try this site out to test the complaints of visitors… and we discovered the same thing.  The same “local women” showed interest in the profile within the first few days and once we replied to them they never talked to us again. 

Other members claim to be stung with spam messages, and/or requests to upgrade their profile for 29.95 month.  Once the trial membership is up the e-mails stop all together.  Or, once the upgrade is purchased, the emails suddenly stop.  Sounds a lot like date bait!

Some people, however mostly female, claim the site NOT to be a scam.  Some women write positive reviews of their experience on the site; leasing us to believe that if Date Bait does exist on the site, it is for Male costumers.  Females are inundated with e-mails from so many men, that if a small percent were date bait, it would not be noticed.

Due to the possibility of unethical practices on, we recommend not paying for any membership!

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  1. 1 On December 13th, 2009, Geo M.L. said:

    Yes, is totaly scam. Imagine that I sent 270 messages for one week and got back only 3 answers. Is not possible that one person received none of 9 messages. I also found that many pics are obsolet and have been taken from other web sites or magazines or tabloides – so people there are not real. I am almost 100% sure that among 100 members only 3-5 people are real and other are just immagination of So it’s time to police to intervene.

  2. 2 On December 24th, 2009, craig said:

    I paid for a membership to and all i got was women who want to meet or chat for the first time and then they disappear. And now they put me back to a basic membership so i cant read the emails and want me to pay again. I have given them confirmation letters from the billing provider and themselves and still they wont give me a gold membership so it is a straight out CON.
    Also, since they have updated their site the messages have started coming in again where as 2 weeks before i was only getting the odd 1 or 2.
    This site is a total scam!!!

  3. 3 On November 9th, 2010, Peter J said:

    Complete and total scam. Send you lots of emails when you first join to get you to sign up for premium membership. Once there, you contact any female who contacted you and it is a guarantee you will never meet with them. The women come on strong but will back out at any hint of meeting up. I you just want to play fantasy email, this is the site for you. If you want to meet real people, I suggest you go outside and find them.

  4. 4 On January 28th, 2011, Victor K said:

    Joined this site as a free member yesterday after another review service recommended it as one of the best. I immediately started getting emails from supposed members, women and couples primarily. The funny part about it was, the emails started coming in before I had even completed my profile. I hadn’t edited the “about me” or any details about myself yet, in fact I hadn’t even added a picture of myself either! Upon realizing that and realizing I couldn’t read the email messages without subscribing to a membership, I’m pretty sure this site is a total scam. Women on dating sites are NEVER that desperate to message every new guy that signs up, in fact, it’s probably the other way around. I was considering buying the 1.95 trial membership today to see if any of the messages were real, but on second thought after a second search for reviews, I think I’ll keep my 2 bucks and go get a whopper at burger king for lunch – at least I’ll be satisfied somehow.

  5. 5 On September 1st, 2011, corwin said:

    Well i was one that screwd into the long term deal not even being my fault I clicked on the one year scam it automaticly changed my credit card without giving me a chance think about or filling credit card info
    they said it automaticly does it so theres no wait.Oh well next time something seems to good it probably is.

  6. 6 On September 17th, 2011, hispguy said:

    The site is a scam and has many red flags. Additionally, they follow at least the below techniques.

    Technique #1: as soon as a standard member signs for the first time, that member receives many winks and or comments from “Gold” members. That stimulates the new member to send a payment in order to obtain a membership; therefore, allowing the member to reply the messages. Here is when the silence treatment begins.

    Technique #2: Members within your “area” have excellent and intriguing profiles and yet when the communication is started (from members like me), the level of interest or energy is not there from the person who posted the intriguing profile. Instead, there is a very vague conversation, no engagement on the topic, no momentum and or level of effort to meet outside sex search online means. The goal is to keep sending those kind of messages for weeks at a time.

    Technique #3: Tease you for a long time, send you initial and strong messages and when you want to meet, they back pedal.

    The bottom line is, the site wants you to continue paying for the membership. IT IS A SCAM!

  7. 7 On October 19th, 2011, D said:

    Total wasted of a year, I never hooked up, when you get close to actually meeting someone, they seem to always get cold feet at the end,,,I have never met anyone from this site, I feel like its being run by the same female with different photos, that you will never meet,,,
    Waste of money, I have been luck from sites are not hook sites

  8. 8 On October 23rd, 2011, andrew said:

    I am a paid silver member of Today I did a search, clicked on 10-12 female members I might be interested in and could not access ANY of their profiles. All I got was the “upgrade to Gold member page”. Every time!

    I am tired of SexSearch’s multiple technical problems, including a recent search function problem that returned NO female members within 25 miles of Los Angeles, the current no access to profiles problem, and member pages that never load problem. In fact, I have had nothing but technical problems and bugs with the site since I became a paid member 2 weeks ago!

  9. 9 On January 3rd, 2012, Wiser said:

    Definitely a scam. Most of the members that I saw are essentially advertisements for webcams that you have to go to another site to register and watch (and pay extra for). It is shameful that businesses like this can thrive. These guys/girls should be criminally and civily liable.

  10. 10 On January 31st, 2012, Bob said:

    This is definitely a scam. I was being charged by EPOCH twice a month for the last year. I thought it was for another service. But it wasn’t. They told me it was from I spent a whole year trying to get this service cancelled via email correspondence with EPOCH. They kept telling me they couldn’t find me in their system when I emailed. I finally called them and they cancelled it immediately. The support guy was totally unhelpful, and said I should have called in the first place. A completely asshole, they refused to accept that emailing was an acceptable way to resolve this. Unbelievable experience!!

  11. 11 On February 2nd, 2012, FoolMeOnce said:

    SexSearch is nothing but a scam to have members “Chat” with live models. Mostly female members provide fake profiles and contact male members asking to chat in order to safely get to know each other. The male member is then directed to another site for sign up and pay extra fees to “chat” or IM with their match. total scam. Hope they all burn!!!

  12. 12 On July 9th, 2012, Rlb said:

    Sorry to say I think we have a scam unless there’s only 3different places in the world because every friend request I got was from girls from Richmond virgin buffalo Ny CanadaI might be wrong but isnt there girls in other parts of the world save your money we have men looking for sex becausethey don’t get none at home now were not getting none on here either very depressing

  13. 13 On December 6th, 2012, FatBrokeLoser said:

    TOTAL SCAM! After a year of not getting a date from the site as a GOLD member, I did an experiment. I set up a profile as a basic member of “FatBrokeLoser” and got a disgusting picture of an obese guy to post as a basic member. You guessed it. For weeks, all kinds of beautiful women sent messages and wanted to meet. Of course, I would have to pay monthly or the $149 for a year to join to be able to read them. Yep, all these beautiful women wanted sex with a slob who didn’t care he was a slob, had no job, and had no future.

  14. 14 On February 16th, 2013, Stupidsucker said:

    It is still a scam, in Feb 2013, and I got burned. Fortunately, it was only for one month but after a week and a half, I can smell it. The newest hotspot is Hawaii, lots of contacts from Hawaii. I am convinced that this website has staff just doing these scam replies daily. If you try to send them your email address, they put in “auto-filtered” and wipe out the email address, no matter how you mix it up. This is the job of a human not any computer program. Plus, the girls reply that they want to communicate on the website only, another sure sign. Things have gone cold because I am in the middle of my scammed month but I expect as I near the end of the month, I will start to get more scam emails. They do need to shut this site down, I have not found a single good review on it.

  15. 15 On March 5th, 2013, Stupidsucker said:

    As I guessed, I have only a couple of days left on my membership and I am now getting bombarded with emails from girls who want to chat. As soon as I as to meet for a coffee, they balk, saying they want to gt to know me better. I called a couple of them on it, waiting to see their response. This site should be shutdown.

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