Whats In Name? Success or Failure in Online Dating!

Your browsing through the seemingly endless profiles on your favorite dating site,  when suddenly a name jumps out at you causing you to check out the picture and dive into their profile!  Whats in a name? you ask, a lot!  It can mean the difference between success and failure in the online dating world.Writing a good profile is one thing, but a catchy name can say a lot about you; turn people on, or make them avoid you like the plague.  Recent studies have shown (or rather confirmed) that funny, clever and flirty online names were rated best by both men and women.  Names that described your ‘fun side’ gave the average browser a glimpse into your personality, showed you have a sense of humor, and were a nice person. 

Also working well where names that described your appearance a little.  “Blueyedcutie” works well among people because it shows as fun, flirty side of you while describing your appearance too.

What doesn’t work:

Men do not like names that describe money, how articulated you may be, show high intelligence.  Names like “professionalBookWorm”  do not rate highly.

Women do not like names that describe ones wealth and power.  It makes you look shallow and full of ego.  However, some women do prefer names that hint at education, and refinement.

No one likes a boring name.  Sorry “John1975?, but you will have to try harder than that!

 A good profile picture can add to your stand-out name.  Together, you can dominate the online dating world!

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